Our story

It was some years ago that Sam Hoo and Lydia Chen recognized in Shenzhen. At that time, Sam Hoo was Studying chemistry for a master’s degree in Shenzhen University. Lydia Chen was a sale manager of a flexiable packaging company. One day, Lydia Chen take a pouch sample to Shenzhen university. Sam Hoo was in charge of testing the Physical and chemical properties. Sam Hoo told many knowledge about testing. Lydia share many application of pouch packaging. Both of them are very interested in Packaging, because pouches can keep thing flesh long time. Both of them love the packaging industry. They have a dream to provide the beat packaging to the people in the world.

Sam Hoo and Lydia Chen become good friends quickly. A few years past. Sam Hoo and lydia have enough fund and technology. They decide to creat their own packaging company to provide flexiable packaging pouch to people in the world. Shenzhen DingQi Pack Co., Limited was born, purposed to provide the best packaging product to mankid in the world. Their dream have come true!

How to provide the best packaging product? Sam Hoo and Lydia think that the first important thing are the good enough raw material suppliers. So They decide to test all raw materials supplied in China. In order to gain exaclty data. Sam Hoo decide test raw material using the advanced test equipment of Shenzhen university, which is enough precise for scientific research. After hundreds of testing, we choose three raw material supplier. All of them raw material are steadily quality. They have excellent physical performance like very strong moisture proof. What is the most important. They have no harmful chemical composition, Absolutely food grade, FDA standard.

From raw material to pouch, How to process raw material to good packaging product.  Machine is also a key factor. So Company decide to order advanced machine, like printing machine, Laminated machine and cutting machine. Advance machine can let the process of pouch making enough steadily.

The Third key factor is the engineer of pouch making. We adopt stock ownership incentive

to attract experts in packaging industry to control the pouch making process and quality checking.

They create a steadily quolity control methord after one year.

We are very happy to receive large good review from customers all over the world every day. When customer tell us that they very satisfied with our pouches and such packaging are the best pouch they have ordered, we fell very pride. We will work more hard to let more and more people enjoy our excellent packaging product.

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