A few options of kraft paper bags

Are you choosing package bags for your products?

Perhaps you can consider the kraft paper packaging bags, kraft paper self-sealing bags also known as process paper zipper bags, its non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, in line with national environmental standards, with high strength, high environmental protection characteristics, is one of the most popular environmental protection packaging materials in the world.

Now, let me introduce a few type of material of it, as below;



This bags come with aluminum in the middle that it could keep your power food dry longer,  

Material  2   MOPP/PET/PE


The special things about this bags is come with a window, it could better show and make your customer  more understand what is the product looks like.


3)  MOPP/KRAFT/VMPET/PE For back, and the MOPP/PET/PE for front


If you are hesitant on aluminum and Windows, then you can choose this material, which is transparent on one side and brown paper on the other.

Now, you get it? 

Post time: Apr-25-2019
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