Three side seal bag

What is meant by three side pouch, is that the bag is welded in three sides. One side will remain open during production. In this way, customers can put their products in bags, and then use heat sealing to seal the opening of the bags.

In many cases, vacuum packaging is needed for three-sided bagging, which is also a very diversified reason. Sometimes it may be to prevent food deterioration, sometimes it is to make the shelf life longer. Vacuum packaging is also known as decompression packaging. The main purpose of vacuum packaging is to extract all the air from the bag and seal it, so that the bag is always in a high decompression state.The vacuum packaging of three side sealed bags is mainly applied to electronic products (antistatic) and cosmetics (mainly mask, maintaining certain moisture and good skin care performance)etc.

Not only that, the use of three-sided packaging material has low loss, excellent sealing performance, high barrier, low oxygen permeability and humidity, moisture-proof, pollution-proof, radiation-proof, anti-corrosion, bright and practical appearance, non-toxic, odorless in line with national standards.

The material we can touch are: kraft paper, white paper, PET / PE, foils. The inner material of our bags is PE with safety.

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Post time: Apr-25-2019
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