• A few options of kraft paper bags

    Are you choosing package bags for your products? Perhaps you can consider the kraft paper packaging bags, kraft paper self-sealing bags also known as process paper zipper bags, its non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, in line with national environmental standards, with high strength, high enviro...
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  • The advantage of flat bottom bags

    In general, The composite packaging bag has been in our lives into almost, most of the market in the use of composite flat bottom packaging bags in the current. So what are the advantages of this exquisite flat bottom packaging bags? We will tell you the following points about  flat bottom packin...
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  • Three side seal bag

    What is meant by three side pouch, is that the bag is welded in three sides. One side will remain open during production. In this way, customers can put their products in bags, and then use heat sealing to seal the opening of the bags. In many cases, vacuum packaging is needed for three-sided bag...
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  • Doypack Stand up pouch

    Stand up pouch is widely used in our daily life. We can see many food like coffee, nuts, snack, beef jery, protein power, flour packed by stand up pouch with zipper. So today, we write this article to introduce stand up pouch. First we talk about the material. The first kind is kraft stand up pou...
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  • side gusset bag

    Side gusset bags are gaining popularity for many applications across a wide range of industries. Their durable material helps extend shelf life by ensuring the product remains safely sealed and protected. Our side gusset bags are most widely used for packaging snacks and dried foods such as nuts,...
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  • Coffee Pouches

    Coffee bean is a common drink in daily life. People like to drink coffee when working tired, special people who come from western Country. Coffee pouch is used to keep coffee bean long time. Today, we will introduce coffee bean packaging. First thing, we talk about the material. There are two kin...
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