Coffee Pouches

Coffee bean is a common drink in daily life. People like to drink coffee when working tired, special people who come from western Country. Coffee pouch is used to keep coffee bean long time. Today, we will introduce coffee bean packaging.

First thing, we talk about the material. There are two kind of material coffee pouch. One is call kraft paper coffee pouch, the other kind is plastic coffee pouch. Sure, kraft paper coffee bags can be customized printing. If the artwork is simple, It can be printed directly on the paper. But printing effect isnt good enough, it maybe not clear. Usually artwork is printed on MOPP material, then laminated with paper, to make sure artwork printed clearly. The middle layer is usually foil or VMPET material, which can keep the food inside from light. The inside of the coffee pouch with valve is PE material, which is used to be heat seal.

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Second thing, Let us talk about the coffee pouch type. There are stand up coffee pouch, flat bottom coffee bags, side gusset coffee bags. Three different coffee pouch packaging types. MOQ of stand up coffee pouch and side gusset coffee bags is 5000pieces. MOQ of flat bottom coffee bags is 10000pieces. What is more, flat bottom coffee bags is the most expensive among them.

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Third thing, Let us talk about some detial of coffee pouch. We know when coffee bean keep in pouch, it will dismiss gas. So there is valve added on the pouch to dismiss such gas. The valve placed in the pouch can be pointed by customers. There is zipper at the top of coffee pouch, so when pouch top part are tear off, zipper can let coffee pouch reclose.

There are two kinds zipper. One is normal zipper, the other is pocket zipper. Usually pocket zipper are added on box bottom coffee pouch.

Post time: Apr-25-2019
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