side gusset bag

Side gusset bags are gaining popularity for many applications across a wide range of industries. Their durable material helps extend shelf life by ensuring the product remains safely sealed and protected.

Our side gusset bags are most widely used for packaging snacks and dried foods such as nuts, cookies, coffee beans and more. But these pouches also make great packaging solutions for frozen foods and beauty products. The versatility and custom features available with our side gusset bags provide more personalized options to uphold the reputable precedent set by your brand.

With the addition of a one way degassing valve, side gusseted bags are perfect for coffee packaging.Because roasted coffee beans produce a lot of carbon dioxide. The function of the air valve on the coffee bag is to discharge the gas generated by the coffee beans out of the bag, thus ensuring the quality of the coffee beans and eliminating the risk of the coffee bag bursting. In addition, the exhaust valve can also block the outside oxygen into the bag, and cause the coffee beans to oxidize deterioration!

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Side gusseted coffee bags are available in a wide selection of sizes and colors including gloss and matte finishes. They also come in block bottom or a quad seal construction that offers extra durability and capable of packaging heavier products. Our side gusseted coffee bags are the perfect option for those who want to make a statement about their product.

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Our bags are made of laminated material and the innermost material is PE with safety. The material we can touch are: kraft paper, white paper, PET / PE, foils.We have FDA, SGS and other certificates. The quality of our products is totally credible.

Our company uses gravure printing. At present, the quality of gravure printing is the best among all kinds of printing methods.Printing quality is stable, long service life, suitable for mass printing.

If you need bags, please visit our website for more information about creating your own custom bags, or feel free to contact us. We will provide quotes to you as soon as possible.

Post time: Apr-25-2019
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